The Cozy Stressful Beautiful Harried Awesome Funny Magically Super Life of a Mild-Mannered Voiceover Businessman

by Joshua Alexander

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"VOICEOVERS: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life" is a 310-page compendium of everything Joshua has learned in nearly thirty years of voiceovers, and almost two decades running multiple successful businesses. Featuring rich business insights balanced with hilarious satirical observations and thoughts in the style of Dave Barry and Steven Wright, Joshua's comedic outlook on life is sure to bring you valuable information and direction, along with immeasurably encouraging motivation and inspiration in the pursuit of your own voiceover dreams and goals. With a foreword by industry veteran and voiceover coach Scott Burns, it's a mammoth "how to" on running a successful voiceover business. Conversational in its delivery, it contains shrewd tips and tricks on marketing as well as hilarious observations and satirical musings. Joshua offers a highly eclectic take on the day-to-day operations of a voiceover business man. Outlining the difference between hobbyist and business owner in stark detail, this book is a wonderfully inspiring and refreshing perspective for all those exploring the exciting world of voiceovers, or veterans seriously seeking to up their game.


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Joshua Alexander is the voiceover equivalent of Deadpool, a frenetic superhero who fights for what’s right while seeing animated woodland creatures all around him that no one else can see. He relentlessly milks the humor out of any situation with the earnest enthusiasm of an 18th century Swiss farm frau tending to a favorite heifer. Read this book. Embrace the journey that is Joshua. You won’t regret it.

- J Michael Collins, Voiceover Artist/Coach/Demo Producer


Sometimes in business…or in books about business...you come to a place that combines expertise, hard work and mastery.... with integrity, friendship and a true sense of charity. From that unique place, Joshua Alexander shares some of the best, brightest and most sincere nuggets of wisdom in his book about all things Voice Over: “Voiceovers: A Super Business" Whether you are a working voiceover pro or just entering the field, this book is sure to become a go-to resource. Chock-full of humorous observations and hard-core down-to-earth practical advice, you’ll be smiling through every page. He writes as if he’s talking to you one on one… And you can feel his energy, emotion and excitement when he says, repeatedly…'you can do this!'

- Brad Hyland, Voice Actor


Josh Alexander is a force of nature. In person, and in his writings. He’s the enthusiastic tour guide you wish you had when visiting the ruins in Rome and the pyramids of Giza. You know, the guy with the silly hat and the yellow umbrella who actually knows what he is talking about. In his inimitable, quirky style, Josh takes you on a whirlwind journey to voiceover land, that is as personal as it is professional. Once you’ve finished this engaging and thoroughly entertaining book, you’ll realize how much you’ve actually learned about the business, about yourself, and about Josh. So, what are you waiting for? Read the darn thing. It’s a trip!

- Paul Strikwerda, Voice Talent / Coach / Author of “Making Money in your PJ's


WOW.  WHAT. AN. AMAZING. BOOK.   I mean it.    This community IS absolutely the best. Everything Joshua Alexander says, well almost everything, I agree with.  I like Michael Bolton but that's for another time.  Josh brings you inside his head, and shows you what it's like to run a business in this very challenging, and ever-changing field.   We all fight for that next job, we are butchers/hunters, constantly competing, yet we manage to stay civil and friendly to each other, for the most part.  Not only that - we help each other in so many ways. This book does just that.   Whether you're just starting out or a seasons pro - you'll learn stuff.  Great stuff.  The energy Josh has shines through and you can't put this book down.  But first you need to pick this book up.  Do it.  JUST. DO. IT.

- Bev Standing, Voiceover talent / GFTB Mentor


‘Voiceovers: A Super Business - A Super Life’ is the perfect balance of practical tips and entertaining writing, all rolled up into one enjoyable, informative read. It’s a great addition to your V-O library.

- Marc Cashman, V-O Coach/Talent/Producer/Casting Director


I’m so proud of my good friend Joshua Alexander. Writing a book is no easy task but, like everything else he does, Joshua makes it look easy. As you read this book, you will learn a TON, you’ll be inspired and completely entertained. I think my favorite chapters are 11 and 23. In chapter 11, he opens up his “tool box” and shares with you all the different tips and tricks he uses to make his reads stand out and book all those jobs. Put these tools in your tool box, use them daily and you’ll hear the difference in your reads…. and book like Josh! (hmm, maybe that’s the title of his next book.) In chapter 23, Josh shares his “VO Commandments” where he offers a different way of thinking and looking at all things business and VO, that is “pure Josh.” Sit down and read this book in an afternoon or keep it in your office or booth as a resource…. Or BOTH! Just get it and read it…..You’ll be so glad you did!

- Leigh Lovett Laird, Voice Talent

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