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( Released March 2020 )


"VOICEOVERS: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life". The Cozy Stressful Beautiful Harried Awesome Funny Magically Super Life of a Mild-Mannered Voiceover Businessman


Joshua Alexander's book "Voiceovers: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life" is a 310-page compendium of everything this Voice Talent has learned in nearly 30 years of voiceovers, and almost two decades running multiple successful businesses. Featuring rich business insights balanced with hilarious satirical observations and anecdotes in the style of Dave Barry and Steven Wright, Joshua's comedic outlook on life is sure to bring you valuable Information and direction, along with immeasurably encouraging motivation and inspiration in the pursuit of your own voiceover dreams and goals. With a foreword by industry veteran voiceover coach Scott Burns, and reviews by fellow voice talents J. Michael Collins, Paul Strikwerda, Marc Cashman, Brad Hyland, Bev Standing and Leigh Laird, it's a mammoth "how to" on running a successful voiceover business. Highly conversational in its delivery, it contains shrewd tips and tricks on marketing as well as hilarious observations and satirical musings. Joshua offers a highly eclectic take on the day-to-day operations of a voiceover business man. Outlining the difference between hobbyist and business owner in stark detail, this book is a wonderfully inspiring and refreshing perspective for all those exploring the exciting world of voiceovers, or veterans seriously seeking to up their game. This is Book 1 of a trilogy of books in the works.

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( Now Available! )


"VOICEOVERS: A Super Fun Pursuit": More True Stories of Life As Seen Through The Eyes of Just Some Random Voiceover Guy


In this hilarious and insightful follow-up to his debut book “Voiceovers: A Super Business, A Super Life”, Seattle Voiceover Artist Joshua Alexander talks about coronavirus, moving, hoarding toilet paper, murder hornets, wedding videography, social unrest, the presidential election, hating Comcast, and everything else on his eclectic, zany and shrewd mind. Blending satire and personal experience with a unique insight into the day-to-day operations of a voiceover business owner, you’re sure to take a one-of-a-kind journey on a new kind of pursuit: a super fun one! This sequel to the first book in the series is full of satire, intrigue, inspiration, business tips, dragons, monsters, and valiant knights. Well, mainly just satire, intrigue, inspiration and business tips.  Reviewed by Paul Strikwerda, Carrie Olsen, Billie Jo Konze, Jon Gardner, and Deb Devries.

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Joshua Alexander is the voiceover equivalent of Deadpool, a frenetic superhero who fights for what’s right while seeing animated woodland creatures all around him that no one else can see. He relentlessly milks the humor out of any situation with the earnest enthusiasm of an 18th century Swiss farm frau tending to a favorite heifer. Read this book. Embrace the journey that is Joshua. You won’t regret it.

- J Michael Collins, Voiceover Artist/Coach/Demo Producer


Sometimes in business…or in books about come to a place that combines expertise, hard work and mastery.... with integrity, friendship and a true sense of charity. From that unique place, Joshua Alexander shares some of the best, brightest and most sincere nuggets of wisdom in his book about all things Voice Over: “Voiceovers: A Super Business" Whether you are a working voiceover pro or just entering the field, this book is sure to become a go-to resource. Chock-full of humorous observations and hard-core down-to-earth practical advice, you’ll be smiling through every page. He writes as if he’s talking to you one on one… And you can feel his energy, emotion and excitement when he says, repeatedly…'you can do this!'

- Brad Hyland, Voice Actor


Josh Alexander is a force of nature. In person, and in his writings. He’s the enthusiastic tour guide you wish you had when visiting the ruins in Rome and the pyramids of Giza. You know, the guy with the silly hat and the yellow umbrella who actually knows what he is talking about. In his inimitable, quirky style, Josh takes you on a whirlwind journey to voiceover land, that is as personal as it is professional. Once you’ve finished this engaging and thoroughly entertaining book, you’ll realize how much you’ve actually learned about the business, about yourself, and about Josh. So, what are you waiting for? Read the darn thing. It’s a trip!

- Paul Strikwerda, Voice Talent / Coach / Author of “Making Money in your PJ's


WOW.  WHAT. AN. AMAZING. BOOK.   I mean it.    This community IS absolutely the best. Everything Joshua Alexander says, well almost everything, I agree with.  I like Michael Bolton but that's for another time.  Josh brings you inside his head, and shows you what it's like to run a business in this very challenging, and ever-changing field.   We all fight for that next job, we are butchers/hunters, constantly competing, yet we manage to stay civil and friendly to each other, for the most part.  Not only that - we help each other in so many ways. This book does just that.   Whether you're just starting out or a seasons pro - you'll learn stuff.  Great stuff.  The energy Josh has shines through and you can't put this book down.  But first you need to pick this book up.  Do it.  JUST. DO. IT.

- Bev Standing, Voiceover talent / GFTB Mentor


‘Voiceovers: A Super Business - A Super Life’ is the perfect balance of practical tips and entertaining writing, all rolled up into one enjoyable, informative read. It’s a great addition to your V-O library.

- Marc Cashman, V-O Coach/Talent/Producer/Casting Director


I’m so proud of my good friend Joshua Alexander. Writing a book is no easy task but, like everything else he does, Joshua makes it look easy. As you read this book, you will learn a TON, you’ll be inspired and completely entertained. I think my favorite chapters are 11 and 23. In chapter 11, he opens up his “tool box” and shares with you all the different tips and tricks he uses to make his reads stand out and book all those jobs. Put these tools in your tool box, use them daily and you’ll hear the difference in your reads…. and book like Josh! (hmm, maybe that’s the title of his next book.) In chapter 23, Josh shares his “VO Commandments” where he offers a different way of thinking and looking at all things business and VO, that is “pure Josh.” Sit down and read this book in an afternoon or keep it in your office or booth as a resource…. Or BOTH! Just get it and read it…..You’ll be so glad you did!

- Leigh Lovett Laird, Voice Talent


Josh Alexander is on FIRE for VO. Doubt if I could find another.

 - Pat Fraley, Performer/Teacher


If you have read any of Joshua Alexander’s written work, what I am about to explain should go without saying. If you haven’t, let me set the table for you. You are about to receive a high energy heaping helping of a multi-course meal, served from every direction, all at once, like an octopus wielding a firehose. Plastic under clothes are suggested.

In this, the second in a series of three books, Josh builds on the content from his first book, Voiceovers: A Super Business - A Super Life. It is more of the same, yet very different. This book takes a lighter tone, as he reminds us how fun and rewarding a life in voice-over can be.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. He doesn’t sugar coat the work involved or the obstacles we all face as voice-over business people, but he offers laughs and encouragement as a side dish. You’ll also find a lot of practical advice on topics from email marketing to pricing advice, but they are frequently hidden inside tasty humor treats like my mom used to hide a pill in a piece of meat. Those treats might have been for the dog, but my memory is fuzzy on that part.

For instance, Josh takes the fear out of cold-calling by telling his story of a far worse gaff than you and I will (probably) ever make. Lesson learned: use the bathroom before dialing.

In short, this isn’t like most other books on voice-over.

In his signature style he lets us go into the kitchen to see the human behind the supersuit (it’s really just a t-shirt, but I wouldn’t mention that because it would burst his little bubble of self-delusion and probably make him cry). In our industry we are constantly marketing and managing our public images. It is a necessary part of what we do. In that context, it is a breath of fresh air to have someone be willing to be real rather than just trying to sound real.

In these pages you will learn more about Josh than he probably wanted you to know, including:

  • His handwritten signature looks like it spells Valerie. (I’m not going to ask and you probably shouldn’t either).
  • Despite what you may have heard, he never really works.
  • He shows signs of serious mental illness. For instance, he gets up at 4:45 each morning to start his work day. ‘Nuff said.
  • He is a bit OCD. Organization? After reading about how he keeps his desk, I threw mine away. There wasn’t any point.

Josh doesn’t explain all there is to know about voice-over in this book, nor does he intend to, being one part of a three-part series. So I figure it is okay to come away with questions unanswered. For instance, I still want to know what exactly is wrong with smearing myself with butter and swimming naked with elephant seals? Maybe the answer will be in book three. If he has a solid reason, I may need to reschedule my vacation. I hope I can get a refund.

In the interest of a fair and honest review, I want you to know Josh and I don’t agree on everything. There are things in this book which make me uncomfortable and may even jeopardize any future contact between us. As an example, I was taken aback when he professed his belief that ‘peanut butter should be creamy, not chunky’. Them’s fightin’ words. As anyone can see, he isn’t right about everything and has some rough edges that must be borne in order to get through the book. Since we all have faults, I suppose tolerance is in order, but on subjects as important as these I must admit my good nature gets tested.

Although we have never met in person, Josh is my long-lost younger brother in comicality. And yes, that is a word; I looked it up on the internet. We share much the same sense of humor, much to the detriment of society as a whole. You will get the most value from this experience if you come to the table with your sense of humor napkin firmly tucked in your collar.

Josh describes the life of being a voice artist as a ‘beautiful craziness’. It also applies to this book, so fair warning.

So why should you read this book?

  • Space Aliens
  • Voice-over pick-up lines
  • Revenge tactics
  • Multiple instances of nudity
  • Explosions
  • Voice-over toilet paper
  • Murder hornet lemonade

And if that isn’t enough, you might just learn something, and come away challenged, encouraged and believing in yourself a little more.

P.S. I am quite relieved to report that Josh found his underwear.

P.P.S. To Josh’s son Brennan: I don’t think ‘I love you’ means what you think it means.

- Jon Gardner, Voice Talent


What do Confucious, Steve Jobs, Indiana Jones, and Hanson have in common? Joshua Alexander's newest book, Voiceovers: A Super Fun Pursuit. I don't know Joshua personally, but I think of him as the voiceover equivalent of my high school cross-country coach: expecting hard work in practice, and always encouraging me to push past what I thought I was capable of in races. 

When I first began doing outreach and marketing for my VO business, I described my approach as "ferocious," and I ascribe that same word to Joshua's drive to be a first-class voiceover talent, teacher, and content creator.

If you're wondering how to charge more for your work, struggling from imposter syndrome, or just want to hear about the highs and lows of a working voice actor and the journey he took to "make it," this is an excellent collection. You won't get bored reading Joshua's book, either. Each chapter is uniquely themed and riddled with high-energy banter, endearing rabbit trails, as well as takeaways and action steps. 

Come for Joshua's down-to-earth approach to the voiceover business. Stay just to get a closer look into his entrepreneurial brain. It's worth it.

- Carrie Olsen, Voiceover Talent & Course Creator


Is Josh Alexander’s new book for you? 

If you don’t get pop culture references, are annoyed by tangents, or just want a straightforward, bullet-pointed checklist about how to make it in voiceover, then this is NOT the book for you. On the other hand, if you love improv comedy, and have always thought “I wish more BOOKS were like improv comedy,” then definitely get this book.  

I genuinely delight in the absurdity of Josh’s comic bits (like a list of states that includes a few extra that I can’t remember joining the union). Just as in his blog, the joy and enthusiasm that he has for voiceover (and for helping people in this business) come through palpably, and hidden inside each chapter’s rapid fire changes of topic, Josh always has a point to make about the business of voiceover or about life itself. 

Having taken Josh’s pre-recorded business course, I would say if you want the straightforward how-to path to automating / streamlining your voiceover business, check that out instead. Josh has a lot of wisdom to offer about the business of VO and using technology to automate and streamline your processes to get more done in less time. 

But knowing that we often learn things more deeply through metaphor, analogy, and comedy, you should ALSO get this book to remind yourself that voice acting is acting, and acting is playing, and stop taking everything so damn seriously already!*

*Except the business. Definitely take the business seriously. Otherwise chapter 41 of this book is coming for you.

- Billie Jo Konze, Voice Talent


After reading Joshua’s 1st book, Part 1 of the trilogy: Voiceovers: A Super Business A Super Life, I thought… really, he’s going to write a 2nd book, and then a 3rd?  When does he ever do voice over work?  No way he will never have time!

So, here I am eating my words, which as most voice actors know is not advisable!  Joshua’s second book does not disappoint!  Every section is filled with anecdotes, words of wisdom, delightful tales, and actionable expert tip summaries at the end of each chapter.

As I read, I found myself wildly taking notes, laughing out loud – a true stress reliever, and adding words to my vocabulary.  My favorite new word can be found on page 66, “absquatulate”!  If you want to know what it means-I encourage you to read the book.

Chapter 17 for me was particularly impactful, where Joshua shares the song lyrics from Belief written by Gavin DeGraw.  The song begins with: “Belief makes things real…Makes things feel, feel alright Belief makes things true…”  Frequently, at least for me, it is safer to not believe, but as Joshua reminds us in his book, that perceived safety net can act as a roadblock, asking at the end of the chapter, “Are you your own roadblock? How can you get out of your own way?”

Regardless of where you might be in your voice over journey, I believe, that there are significant takeaways in Joshua’s 2nd book and encourage you to treat yourself and read the book. I think you will enjoy the ride!  Bravo well done!

- Deb Devries, Voice Talent


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